Chapter Organisation
"We are the Emperor's Blade!"
- High Exemplar Alaric
Chapter battle cry

The Blades Exemplar are an extremely martial Chapter and show this specifically in their mastery of all bladed weapons, swords in particular.

Although they defer to the Codex Astartes for a modicum of their Chapter organisation, the Blades Exemplar utilise their own marking system and each Order is organised according to the strengths of the Exemplar leading them.

They do not denote their company via pauldron trim, but rather via a design on their left knee plate. Sergeants have grey knee flares and Lieutenants/Captains have red knee flares denoting their superior rank. Squad is denoted by a number on the right pauldron beside their squad type symbol.

Marines All

Order Designations and Helmet Ranks

Heraldry Shields

As with those ancient knights of Old Britonnica and Franc, the Chapter allows a heraldic system for their brothers.

To gain the honour of displaying your personal heraldry requires a feat worthy of being written into the Pages of Remembrance in the Chapter’s Tome of Blades alongside other heroes of the Chapter. It is unusual for any brother of lower rank than a Sergeant to gain this honour.

A limited palette of colours is used, and these generally follow that of their armour (red, dark grey, light grey and gold).


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