Chapter Recruitment
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"Only the purest of mind, body and soul are worthy of becoming an Exemplar"
- Master of Devotion
Leo Neoris

The Blades Exemplar used to recruit from any planet in the vicinity of their deployment. However since being granted domain over the Mortadon Praxis they now recruit primarily from the worlds in the Thruscaal System. As these worlds are of lower level development they produce very hardy recruits; perfect to fight the foes of the Imperium.

The Chapter have their own set of recruitment rituals outside of that set down by the Codex Astartes. Some of these have their roots in rituals executed by the Grey Knights and experienced by Alaric. The recruiting rituals are trials of hardship and endurance following intense scrutiny of the neophyte’s genetic code. Only the purest gene codes are allowed to even attempt the trials and will make sure aspirants are pure of mind, body and soul.

Trial of 1st Degree (Purity)

The neophyte is hooked up to specialised cogitators and subjected to situations in a virtualised environment to test their purity. They will be tempted with pleasures of the flesh, power and destruction. If the neophyte is able to resist all and prove that they are humble and honourable they will pass to the next trial.

Trial of 2nd Degree (Strength)

The neophyte is subjected to 30 days of intermittent fasting and isolation, if they are able to weather this without giving in then they are released, half mad with hunger, handed a sword and plunged into a trial-by-combat with a Scout of the Chapter’s Vanguard Company. The Scout will not kill them, but will take them to the brink. The Neophyte needs to show that they still have reserves of strength and endurance and at least attempt to save themselves.

Trial of 3rd Degree (Duty)

Subjected to deep mental scrutiny by the Librarius, the neophyte will have no secrets once complete. This scan will open any latent subconscious areas that could prove problematic in the future. Laid bare, the neophyte will live or die at this juncture.

22 Rituals of Becoming

If the neophyte passes the 3 trials, they are then entered into the 22 Rituals of Becoming. This is when they will pass from being mere mortals and over the next few years, they will receive their Astartes and Primaris organs, becoming post-human.

The Ritual of Knowledge

All new members of the Chapter are appointed to the 10th Order (Vanguard). During their tenure as Scouts, Brothers will have fully dark armour; once they are deemed to be worthy of full marine status their right arm and pauldrons are painted light grey. This shows that the battle brother has gained enough experience to have his name recorded in the Chapter’s Tome of Blades; this will from then on be a record of their accomplishments in service of the Chapter and Emperor.


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